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Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Projects pending development

Zhong An White Horse Mansion
Zhong An White Horse Mansion is located at the center of Xiaoshan and at the crossing of Jincheng Road, Yucai Road and Shixin Road, all of which are the main roads of the city. It takes less than 1.5 km to go to the Highlong Plaza, New Century Grand Hotel, Xiaoshan Hospital, Xiaoshan Theater, MIXc One mall (under construction), library and various high-end living and culture amenities. With close proximity to Peoples’ Square Station of Line 2 and Line 5 of the Hangzhou Metro, White House Mansion will be extremely accessible. The Project has a good environment as it is north to Dapu River, east to Yinhe Park and northwestto Yuji Park. The project embraces the riverside landscape and enjoys the nature in the bustling city.

As another sincere product of Zhong An White Horse series, White Horse Mansion is intended to be a new benchmark for premium living standard on the scarce land. The project provides high-rise residential apartments from 90 to 125 sq.m. with theme commercial amenities to satisfy the needs of quality life.


Projects under construction

Zhong An Sunrise Mansion
Zhong An Sunrise Mansion, a park on the top of the city metro with a gross floor area of 200,000 sq.m., out of which about 101,300 sq.m. are for residence purpose. The project is close to Shixin Road, which is the core road of Xiaoshan, with good amenities. Nanmen River, the largest river of Xiaoshan, and Shiyanshan River are on the east and on the south of the project respectively, forming a bay. The project is next to the municipal park (under planning) and embraces the rare landscape of “two parks one bay”. Zhong An Sunrise Mansion will become the benchmark when the Metro line 2 begins to operate as the project is only 200 meters away from the Chaoyang Station. It provides comfortable and spacious apartments from 90 to 130 sq.m., which are tailored for the urban elites.


Zhong An ideal Bay
Zhong An ideal Bay is located at Yuhang Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou, with a site area of 158,743 sq.m. and an aggregate GFA of about 530,000 sq.m.. It is west to Xinghe Road, north to Xinzhou Road and southwest to Maoshan where Yikuang, a poet of the Tang dynasty, lived in seclusion. The site has natural streams running across with clusters of trees.,

It is designed to seamlessly integrate with its natural environment and to preserve valuable trees at the central area and natural water resources. It is planned to have exquisite high-rise apartments and elegant low density houses. The elegant architecture combines British style with the natural habitat.. It will provide full range amenities, including a clubhouse, a kindergarten and commercial ancillary. In addition, primary and secondary schools and parks will be built in the proximity. It is about 800 m. from Xinzhou Road Station, the extension part of subway No.1, making it very accessible.


Completed Projects

Zhong An White Horse Manor
Zhong An White Horse Manor is located at Minfeng Village, Xianlin County, Hangzhou, and adjacent to a village renowned for longevity. It has a GFA of about 230,000 sq.m. with a plot ratio of about 1.1. It comprises 3,233 units, including detached, semi-detached and duplex houses and high-rise apartments.

It is surrounded on three sides by Xiaohe Hill and Wuchao Hill. Xianglingxi, the source of Xixi, flows through the site. Xianlin Reservior, twice larger than West Lake in term of volume, is now under construction.

It is easily accessible, with planned Line 3 subway, round-city expressway, Provincial Expressway No. 2 , Hangzhou-Anhui Highway, and multiple bus routes in the proximity.

Hangzhou Xiaoheshan Tertiary Education Park is also located in this region. There are Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang International Studies University, and Zhejiang Changzheng Vocational & Technical College.

Zhong An Real Estate insists that architecture reflect how we understand the nature, the cities, and the humanity. Architecture is not only an integral part of the nature, but also enriches the nature. Zhong An applies inspirations from the nature to develop Zhong An White Horse Manor into an environment-friendly home.


Zhong An•Landscape Bay
Zhong An Landscape Bay is located at the core of Qianjiang Century City with a total site area of about 220,000 sq.m. and a GFA of about 300,000 sq.m.. It comprises 262 Spanish style townhouses and 9 high-rise buildings.

Landscape Bay is north to Qiantang River, from a distance of 700 m., and southeast to the wet land of China Water Expo. It is close to high-end amenities of Qianjiang Century City, such as Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre and Hangzhou International Exhibition Centre, It has easily access to transportation facilities. Qingchun tunnel links Landscape Bay with Hangzhou CBD. It is near Jiubao Bridge by which the downtown of Hangzhou and three satellite cities, Linping, Xiasha and Xiaoshan, are easily accessed.

A luxury club and a large scale community commercial center provide the owners a convenient living space. Hong Kong Victoria Kindergarten, an International education institution, set up a kindergarten of GFA of about 1,500 sq.m. on 27 June 2012. Victoria will implement a bilingual teaching approach with global vision. Expatriate teachers will develop the potential of the children enabling them to have international education.


Guotai Garden

Guotai Garden is located in the heart of the commercial area of Xiaoshan district of Hangzhou, to the west of the government headquarters of Xiaoshan district. The project occupies a total site area of 86,091 sq.m. and a total GFA of 178,812 sq.m. It includes 799 residential units in low-rise and high-rise apartments and townhouses. The project also contains gardens, clubhouses, shops and parking lots. All residential units, retail shops and parking lots in Guotai Garden were developed for sale and the project was delivered in December 2005.

In 2006, Guotai Garden was recognized as a model project of the National Affordable Housing Program by the Ministry of Construction of the PRC. Guotai Garden was granted the highest awards with respect to its technological innovation, design and execution management by the Ministry of Construction. Guotai Garden was also awarded Outstanding Residence Community by the Construction Bureau of Hangzhou in the same year


Landscape Garden

Landscape Garden is located in the southern part of Xiaoshan district in Hangzhou, adjacent to Lixiu River and the Xishan scenic area. The project occupies a total site area of 87,333 sq.m. and a total GFA of 155,942 sq.m. It includes 712 residential units in low-rise and high-rise apartments and townhouses. The project also contains retail stores, a four-storey shopping center, gardens and parking spaces. It was developed in 2 phases, which had been delivered in 2004 and the end of 2006, respectively.

Landscape Garden was awarded a Top 10 Favorite Residence Award in 2006 and was named Outstanding Residence Community in 2007 by the Construction Bureau of Hangzhou.


Zhong'an Garden

Zhong'an Garden is located in the old town area of Xiaoshan district in Hangzhou. It occupies a total site area of 17,788 sq.m. and a total GFA of 46,404 sq.m. It includes 268 residential units in low-rise and high-rise apartments. The project also contains gardens, retail stores and parking lots. It was delivered in September 2003.

Zhong'an Garden was named Garden Style Community in 2001 by the Construction Bureau of Hangzhou.